(OFFICIAL) Forum Rules..

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(OFFICIAL) Forum Rules..

Post by iJerick on Sat Jun 12, 2010 10:34 pm

What is Advetise Zone? Advertise Zone is an Advertising Website, Which allow you to Advertise/Promote Your website, social site and everything.

*1. No Spammer, Flooder and Attacker allowed.
*2. Post at the Right Forum/Category/Section.
*3. Use search before posting, So we can sure that the topic will not be duplicated.
*4. Use the right form, When you are Promoting.
*5. Bump the topic when Staff is not replying/responsing your request.
*6. No posting of external links outside the Advertise Section.
*7. Feel Free to PM the Staff, When you have questions.
*8. Enjoy your stay, Everyone is welcome here, do not think that you are "Out of place".
*9. Newbie, Staff and Official Respect.


If you find anyone who is Abiding the Rules, Send a Report to Staff!

~ iJerick


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