Staff Wanted: Xbox Live Fan Reporter (Paid Job)

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Staff Wanted: Xbox Live Fan Reporter (Paid Job)

Post by SeanFace101 on Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:16 pm

Forum Name: Xbox Live Fan
Positions Available: XLF Reporter
Link to forum:

Your job on the forum is to keep the following forums updated with new content (topics) for our members to read/view/comment on...

You are not required to post anywhere else on the forum if you dont want to, but if you could keep active on our other categories & forums, it would be appreciated. XLF Reporters are paid on a 'Per Topic' basis, and you can see what the current rates are nest to the mentioned forums above. Cash Earned can be requested at anytime as long as your Earnings(£) Due is at £10.00 or more. You will be paid any cash you make on via

If you would like to become a XLF Reporter, please reply below & we can talk about it further or sign up to My Xbox Forum and reply to This Thread. Thanks!

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